Great Conqueror: Rome v1.0 NSP XCI For Nintendo Switch

Great Conqueror: Rome v1.0 NSP XCI For Nintendo Switch
Great Conqueror: Rome v1.0 NSP XCI For Nintendo Switch

Name = Great Conqueror: Rome
Release Date = Sep 24, 2020
Genre = Strategy
Format = NSP, XCI
Version = 1.0
File Size = 423 MB
Required firmware = 10.1.0 (Atmosphere or SXOS)

In Great Conqueror: Rome, the Roman Republic is on the rise and many powerful nations around it will fight for supremacy. A strategy experience with incredible detail and depth, you control great Commanders including Caesar, Pompey, Antony, Octavian, and Spartacus. Make major decisions on deployments, city improvements and more to emerge victorious! Take on the Campaign mode to relive history and lead an empire across Africa, Europe and Asia. Lead legions across historic wars, build cities, recruit soldiers, develop gear and naval fleets, and research new technologies – you have control. In Conquest mode you create history during Rome’s era; choose from many countries and forge a path to glory. Form alliances, declare war, and build your empire to be the most powerful in the world! For an extra challenge there is Expedition mode; take on 5 different scenarios in which you undertake a variety of battles that’ll truly test your leadership; can you make good use of limited resources and units? Great Conqueror: Rome brings unparalleled strategy gameplay, historical detail and content to Nintendo Switch™; prepare to bring glory to Rome!

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ID = 01005670128FC000
Supported Languages: Chinese, English

Base Game - NSP - 416.7 MB
Google Drive | Mega | Mediafire

Base Game - XCI - 416.7 MB
Mega | Mediafire

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