Nevaeh v1.0 NSP XCI For Nintendo Switch

Nevaeh v1.0 NSP XCI For Nintendo Switch
Nevaeh v1.0 NSP XCI For Nintendo Switch

Name = Nevaeh
Release Date = Sep 17, 2020
Genre = Adventure, Action, Arcade, Role-Playing
Format = NSP, XCI
Version = 1.0
File Size = 691 MB
Required firmware = 10.1.0 (Atmosphere or SXOS)

A girl's journey to bring back the light Darkness looms over a bright and peaceful town as street lights begin to go out one by one. To bring back the light, a girl heads to the Tower from which the light came. Hidden in the Tower was a glowing butterfly. Thinking its light could help the town, the girl takes the butterfly with her. ...But what she found was the town entirely covered in darkness. The girl heads to the Tower once again to find a way to save the town. With the light gone, the Tower turned into a place full of lethal traps and monsters lurking in the dark. Venture forth with the glowing butterfly. It is up to you to drive out the dark and save the townspeople!

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Nevaeh [NSP] 646 MB


ID = 0100C20012A54000
Supported Languages: Japanese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, English

Base Game - NSP - 646.76
Google Drive | Mega | Mediafire

Base Game - XCI - 646.76 MB
Google Drive | Mega | Mediafire

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