Space Robinson v1.0.31 NSP XCI NSZ For Nintendo Switch

Space Robinson v1.0.31 NSP XCI NSZ For Nintendo Switch
Space Robinson v1.0.31 NSP XCI NSZ For Nintendo Switch

Name = Space Robinson
Release Date = Sep 10, 2020
Genre = Adventure, Action, Role-Playing
Format = NSP, XCI, NSZ
Version = 1.0.31
File Size = 75 MB
Required firmware = 10.1.0 (Atmosphere or SXOS)

Survive the unforgiving world in the action rogue-like adventures of Space Robinson. After crashing into an abandoned colony base overrun with hostile life, you must find a way to survive the elements armed at first with only a gun and wrench. Find friends and upgrade your way to victory. Experience: Challenges Take pride in the game’s challenging design. Death is just a part of the true hardcore rogue-like experience afterall. But worry not, you’ll keep many of the precious resources you collect during your adventures when you respawn back at the base, others you will need to venture out again to recover. Get Allies Summon a raccoon, dog, or flying pig to help you venture deeper into the depths of the unforgiving world. These brave beasts are your only friends in the world, literally. Fresh Gameplay Procedurally generated levels with day and night cycles that will present new challenges for you to conquer. So hopefully you're not afraid of the dark. Craft and Upgrade Collect crystals, artifacts, and level up as you play. Upgrade, craft new weapons, and repair the colony units to increase your chances of survival.

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Space Robinson [NSZ] 52 MB


ID = 0100795011D68000
Supported Languages: Russian, Chinese, English

Base Game - NSP - 68 MB
Google Drive | Mega | Mediafire

Base Game - XCI - 68 MB
Mega | Mediafire

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